Thursday, January 17, 2013

So I've been holding on to these writings, ramblings, bo-isms since the early 90s. I think he sent these to me in 1993 or so. Anyways, I wanted to get this scanned and uploaded before the paper finally gave out. I think I'm missing a page or two, so sorry about that.

Oh and Deb-o, heads up, I don't think Chris intended on having you read these at the time, so there might be an inappropriate passage or two.  But seeing that we're 20 years removed, I don't think he'll mind that much. :-)

Love, Jeff


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you held on to this for so long; thanks for posting. This is very funny; I have kind of skimmed it in an effort to miss the inappropriate passages!

Love, Debo

Curt said...

Jeff - thanks so much for posting these. Fantastic!

AUNT PAT said...

It could be made into a book,, he was a humorist,,, and we all know it

Anonymous said...

Chris was the life of every party at Newbury. He was the heart and soul of every meaningful conversation. He was the bear hug you needed at the end of a bad day and the warm kiss only a true love could provide. He was crazy and chaotic in the best possible way and everything was always an adventure with him. If you were lucky enough to be loved by Chris you knew you would be loved forever and in a way no other could ever compare. His smile lit up every room he entered. Whether he was belting out some Elton John at the piano or reciting a passage from Monty Python, you were guaranteed to be entertained! Chris had an energy that was a life source all it's own. He was full of character charm and effervescence! For me, it was the quieter reflective side of Chris that stood out the most. His ability to make you feel like you were the only other person on the planet. The way he would listen for as long as needed to make someone feel better. The warmth and kind hearted nurturing ability he had with his loved ones. His raw vulnerability that could cut to the depth of your core and make you want to wrap yourself around him and never let go. The quiet reflective moments in the wee hours of the early morning when there was just us sharing our most intimate details. That was when he really shined. Those are the moments that can never be replaced. He was the best friend you could wish for and the kind of person that leaves a mark on your heart that can never be erased. He is missed....everyday. Of you were one of the fortunate ones who were lucky enough to be loved by Chris....then you know you were blessed. -ALK