Friday, June 06, 2008

Uncle Bo

Deb and Sarah asked that I post this. It's an email Sarah sent to Deb the other day...

Hi Deb,

Annabel was having breakfast this morning, and she
asked me where daddy was. I said "work", and - out of
the blue - she asks, "Did he go to work with Uncle
Bo?" I couldn't believe it. It's not like we had
been talking about him, or even you. She then starts
singing "U, u, uncle Bo. U, u, uncle Bo." to the tune
of "B I N G O".

It's not the first time one of my kids has brought Bo
up randomly and out of context. Of course, we have
his picture in our living room, and we talk about him
to the kids. But the way that both Bryant and Annabel
talk about Chris, you would think that my kids knew
him and loved him like we did. It makes me truly
wonder if Chris is up there pulling strings - doing
little things like this morning to make sure we don't
forget him. (not that we ever would!) I really felt
his presence with me this morning in my kitchen.

I thought you would like to hear that little story.
Hope you're doing well. Don't forget about the open
invitation to stop by anytime for lunch.