Sunday, October 12, 2008

Update! Success!

Ethan's first fish!  Then we caught 6 more.  The big one below almost snapped his rod!

Lake Mohegan

Hey - I'm at lake mohegan right now. Arrived about 30 min ago, but beego fell asleep so I'm in the car waiting for him to wake up - if all goes according to plan, we'll be fishing before it gets too late.

So for now, I'm sitting in the parking lot thinking about the lake. I remember coming here in high school with bo, bill, and geoff. I think it was actually senior skip day There was much deliberation as to what we should do that day (go into the city, head to the beach in RI, etc), but ultimately we decided to hike up into the cascades with a few beverages. It turned out to be a great, relaxing way to spend a day with a few good friends.

If you haven't been to the lake in a while, I suggest you stop by - it's just as beautiful today as it was 17 years ago