Thursday, January 25, 2007


Hey - we're planning to have dinner at the black rock turnpike duchess on friday at 5:30.  Then we'll head over to the grave for a drink or three.

Join us!



phoxman said...

i remember when we used to hit up the big D when we were like 13-14 years old. we'd all ride our bikes to the one in the circle. We'd get in there, order up and Bo was always the last to get his meal. they had to make his burger special, Big D plain - nothing on it. And he would usually get 2 large fries and back then a large regular coke. When he finally got his food, he would sit down with 40 packs of ketchup and make the biggest pile of ketchup to dip his fries in. he would eat all his fries before he even started his burger. by the time he started his burger everyone else was done with their meal. that's probably why i remember this so well.

Lee-Ann said...

There are no Duchesses in Rhode Island, so when Bo took me to the big D for the first time he wouldn't let me eat my fries until we got back to the Nut. The driver couldn't eat his food, so no one else could either. The ketchup pile never got smaller, but the coke became a diet coke