Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Want to post something yourself?

I'd love it if this blog evolved to a forum where we can discuss Chris and keep his memory alive.

As such, I'd love to have other people submit their own posts. If you'd like to do so, just email me at and I'll add you as a member of the blog.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
This whole site is priceless. I just watched all the videos and it's pretty amazing to think he's just not here anymore. It would be unbearable without you all, so thanks for remembering, and keeping all of this going. Curt, it's so true, he would have been the best Uncle Bo ever. Thanks for saying that, and thanks for keeping the laughter going.


Anonymous said...

I just finished watching the videos and laughing and crying at the same time.....just keep spreading the love... everyone .. that is what it is all about....